New noise-reducing Ryanair aircraft praised

Ryanair’s Boeing 737-8200 “Gamechanger” aircraft is setting new standards for noise reduction and environmental performance at London Stansted.

One year after its introduction, the airport's Flight Evaluation Unit has revealed the aircraft is over 40 per cent quieter* than existing aircraft types operated by the airline.

During take-off, the new 737-8200 registered an average noise level of 70 decibels, a reduction of over three decibels compared to the current 737-800 at 74 decibels.

It uses 16 per cent less fuel, reducing passenger CO2 and noise footprints, and is more than 93 per cent quieter per seat than the 737-200 that the airline used in the 1990s.

With 197 seats, it also has 4 per cent more seats than the previous generation of aircraft, which will help enable sustainable growth at the airport without increasing overall flight numbers.

Duncan Smith, London Stansted’s Flight Evaluation Unit Manager, said:

“Ryanair began operating its new Boeing 737-8200 aircraft on select routes at Stansted in June 2021.  

“We monitor the noise levels of all aircraft, and the new 737-8200 averages 70 decibels during take-off, which is over three decibels lower than the 737-800 aircraft they also use.

“As Ryanair accounts for approximately 75 per cent of all take-offs and landings at London Stansted, these new aircraft will help us to accommodate growth at the airport while limiting the number of people affected by noise.”

Ryanair’s Director of Sustainability, Thomas Fowler, said:

“As Europe’s greenest, cleanest major airline, our $22bn investment in these Boeing 737-8200 “Gamechanger” aircraft goes a long way in supporting Ryanair to fly more sustainably, offering 4 per cent more seats per flight while burning 16 per cent less fuel and reducing noise emissions by 40 per cent.

“As London Stansted’s biggest airline operator, we are delighted to offer our customers the most fuel-efficient aircraft when taking a flight to one of over 150 destinations across Europe.

“Not only will the delivery of this new aircraft technology revolutionise the sustainability of the Ryanair fleet over the next 5 years, but it will also deliver a 50 per cent increase in our annual passenger traffic to 225 million a year by 2026.”