London Stansted to offer colleagues from the EU financial assistance to acquire settled status in the UK



• Colleagues will be funded in any application they make to remain the country

• Support designed to give reassurance to EU nationals as Brexit approaches

London Stansted Airport is to offer to fund its employees’ applications to acquire settled status after Brexit.

London Stansted, which currently employs around 200 people born in EU countries within its workforce of 2,000 colleagues at the airport, will cover the cost of the £65 application, in a move designed to give reassurance and comfort to valued colleagues who currently play vital roles in helping passengers travel through the UK’s fourth busiest airport.

Stansted welcomes over 28 million passengers a year to the airport and EU-born colleagues currently play a variety of key roles across the company, including in aviation security, passenger assistance, retail as well as office-based roles.

The airport also plays a key role in facilitating passenger connections and business links between the UK and EU, offering more direct destinations across Europe than any airport other than Munich. Stansted is also home to the third largest cargo operation in the UK.

Liz Austin, Stansted Airport’s HR Director
We know how important it is for our colleagues at London Stansted to have reassurance and certainty that they will be able to continue to live in the UK and work at the airport when the UK leaves the EU.

We are therefore committing to support colleagues from other EU countries by offering to pay the application fee they incur as they apply for settled status in the UK.
Liz Austin, Stansted Airport’s HR Director

The offer is part of a wider initiative by the airport’s owner Manchester Airports Group, which also owns Manchester Airport and East Midlands Airport.