Stansted’s starring role in new Spider-man movie

London Stansted’s iconic terminal building is gracing the silver screen again, this time in the Hollywood blockbuster Spider-man: Far From Home which opens in cinemas this week.

A 250 strong cast and crew, which also included Spider-man himself Tom Holland, descended upon the airport last summer to film. Scenes involving a United Airlines Boeing 777 were filmed on Stansted’s airfield while the terminal forecourt was used to portray New York’s Newark airport.

The Spider-man crew filmed here in July and August last year and shot scenes at number of locations around the airport, including the airfield and terminal which they dressed to depict Newark airport. The crew brought in yellow cabs and other American vehicles, they even swapped the rubbish inside the waste bins to American litter. As always, we planned the shoot meticulously and nothing was left to chance to make sure it didn’t get in the way of the normal operation of the airport.
Kim Ruskin, Stansted Airport’s Commercial Filming Manager

The airport’s appeared as a backdrop in many movies and TV shows in the past including the third instalment of Christopher Nolan's Batman saga The Dark Knight Rises, James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies and Bridget Jones.

Travelling through Stansted you could find yourself rubbing shoulders with many famous actors and actresses earning their living filming scenes for a major movie, TV show or advertisement. Directors love the airport because the light is so good and there are lots of different backdrops to film against.
Kim Ruskin, Stansted Airport’s Commercial Filming Manager

The new Spider-man film is the latest instalment in the Marvel series and the sequel to Spider-man: Homecoming which was released in 2017. The film’s directed by Jon Watts and stars Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and features Samuel L. Jackson and Jake Gyllenhaal. The film premiered in Hollywood on June 26 and opens in the UK July 2, 2019.