VIDEO: Highlights from 10 years of MAG ownership

Highlights from a decade of MAG ownership

The airport has released a video highlighting some of its biggest headlines from the last ten years under MAG ownership.

From milestones and presidential visits to new airlines and sustainability achievements, the highlights reel includes just a selection of the major events that happened since MAG acquired Stansted for £1.5 billion in 2013.

During that period more than 200 million passengers have travelled through the airport on 1.3 million flights served by 85 airlines to 299 destinations in 52 countries.

Spain was the most popular country to fly to during that time, while Dublin, Edinburgh, and Rome were the three most popular destinations.

A record 28 million passengers passed through in 2018, the same year it experienced its busiest day on August 27 with 103,000 passengers on 600 flights.